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Trash to Toy: TP Roll Activities

Hi families!

Everyone is starting to get a little restless under these new conditions but no one gets restless like your new toddler. I’m sure you’re all getting major meltdowns and impossible demands multiple times a day.

Heres an idea to maybe let go of a long fought battle:

Toddlers are funny. We give them wonderfully scientifically engineered toys and what do they want to play with instead more than half the time? LITERAL TRASH!

I’ve caught so many little ones sorting through the waste basket just because something looked fun in there…

Well, these are creative times and we must be creative and choose our battles wisely.

So today, we’re just letting them play with trash. Dreams come true, folks!

Here are 2 ways to repurpose your toilet paper roll into a toddler activity before recycling it:

Bird Watching

Do a little bird watching!! Tape two rolls together creating a simple pair of binoculars.

Option to punch small holes (I used a safety pin) and tie a string (I used a belt from an old robe) to wear them like a necklace! Kids love wearing their toys so if you can find a ribbon or shoelace to add the string, it might really be worth the extra effort.

Take your toddler around to all of the available windows in your home and see if you can find any birds outside in the trees!Or you can search for the stuffed animals in their room, like a safari.

Or even play hide & seek around the house!

DIY Basket Ball Hoop

Shoot some hoops! With just a little tape on the back of your TP roll has now turned your living room into a stadium! You can attach two rolls on opposite walls, attach just one to the wall, or make a lengthy tunnel. Use whatever objects you can find that fit. Pompoms would be most ideal but most of us don’t have those sitting around the house. So smaller stuffed animals, balls, or even straws would be good choices to make goals in the basket.

My resources a limited in my home so I decided to just use a handful of goldfish. Making snack time into a basket ball game could help turn a mundane task a little bit brighter.

Give these activities a try let us know how things go over with your little ones.

The more seriously you can engage into these activities, the more engaged your toddler will be! They are usually the most interested in the things that interest you :)

Check back in tomorrow for more interesting ideas to try in your home.

Thanks for being part of our family!

Miss Sophie

Babies @ Martial Arts Family Studio

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