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Mail A Hug!

Good Morning Families!

It's been a big challenge during this pandemic year not being able to show love and affection in the ways we want to. We are so used to being able to touch, hold hands, and hug freely. I'm sure we've all found innovative ways to express love without touch. Your littles, who often give love without hesitation, may still feel unsettled that they can't hug grandmas, grandpas, friends, teachers, caretakers, etc. I've got a cute little craft that will allow your littles to send a hug in the mail with just a few easy steps!

What You'll Need:

Spread out a long sheet of Kraft paper on the ground.

Have your little lie down with their arms stretched out like they are about to give a big hug! Trace their head, arms, and upper torso.

They can decorate before or after cutting out. Your little can draw and decorate the cut out to look like them, so the person receiving the hug will know who sent it!

Write a special note.

Fold it up and place the "hug" and the note inside an envelope.

Mail some hugs to your loved ones!

I hope this activity brings you joy and makes things a little sweeter!


With Love

Miss Logan

Mafs Playroom

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