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Mommy & me music:

Ages 0-2 Years old

Taught by professional singers & musicians with childcare & education experience! Your little one is guaranteed to learn some new things and laugh it up in this rocking class.

(30 minutes of class & 15 minutes of play)

Spring 2023 Schedule: 

Tuesdays 11AM
Thursdays 9:30AM
Saturdays 9:30AM

Mommy & me movement:

Ages 1-2.5 Years

Ideal for babies that are on the move and ready to run, dance, shake, and bop along with our teachers. Held in our main studio, these classes feature additional equipment to help your babe continue to develop physically.

(30 minutes of class & 15 minutes of play) 

Spring 2023 Schedule:

Mondays 8:45AM

Mondays 11:00AM

Tuesdays 8:45AM

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