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Trash to Toy: Toilet Paper Farm!

Hi there!

Here is another 'Trash to Toy' idea to up-cycle your toilet paper and paper towel rolls. We hope you guys are enjoying these activities to repurpose and make 'trash' fun!


1. Toilet paper/paper towel rolls

2. Paper/construction paper

3. Crayons/Markers/Paint

4. Tape/Glue

5. Patience

I cut my paper towel rolls to different sizes so I could have animals at different heights!

If you want to skip this step and color or paint right on the roll, feel free!

Start by generally measuring and cutting out your paper to the length of the toilet paper roll. I didn't have any construction paper, so I just used printer paper and colored it with crayons to make the animals different colors.

Once you have the paper the color you'd like, wrap it around the roll, and tape it to the back.

Have fun deciding what animals you'd like best! I went with a farm animals (a pig, cow, and duck)

Feel free to color and cut out appendages as you please! You can add as many as you like, or keep it simple by just drawing straight on the roll.

(Most toddlers will either just want to color, stack toilet paper rolls, or play with the finished animals, so it's truly up to you!)

Once your farm is complete, the critters make fun finger puppets for singing and playing!

We would love to see your creations! Feel free to send them our way or you can show us at our playdate this afternoon at 3:30! :)

Miss Hannah

Babies @ MAFS

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