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Trash to Toy: Tissue Box Shark Family

Hi there!

If you've been dealing with spring allergies, like me, you might have some empty tissue boxes ready to be recycled. Before you throw them in the recycling bin, maybe consider repurposing them for today's simple craft!

What you'll need:

  1. Empty tissue boxes

  2. Paint/Crayons/Markers

  3. Scissors

  4. Tape/Glue

Start with your empty tissue boxes and remove any plastic around the opening.

Decide what colors to use for your shark, and either paint them directly onto the tissue box, or cover the box with construction paper/colorful paper.

Then, cut out two pectoral fins, a dorsal fin, a tail, teeth, and eyes for your shark.

Attach with tape or glue and your shark is complete.

You can make a shark for each member of your family and have a family shark party to celebrate the summertime!

Thank you for letting our family be a part of your family.

With love,

Miss Hannah


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