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Trash to Toy: Shoe Box Guitar

Hi there!

No need to wait on that craft supply order! Today's craft can be made with stuff you most likely have lying around home. So, get ready to start your family jug band.

What you'll need:

-A Shoe Box or Wide Tissue Box

-2 Old pencils

-Rubber Bands or Hairties

-Papertowel Roll


Start by taking that old shoe box out of your closet. Decide where you want the neck of the guitar to go and trace your paper towel roll. Divide it into four sections like a pizza and cut along the X.

To attach, simply insert the paper towel roll into the slot. I felt that mine was fairly stable with just the cardboard flaps holding it in place, but if you'd like more support, secure it with tape or glue.

From there, cut a hole in the box lid and tape two pencils on either side. The pencils will lift the rubber bands from the surface and will allow space for the guitar strings to vibrate.

Make sure the bottom pencil is slanted if you want your strings to have different pitches. The closer the pencils are together, the higher the pitch will be. (This might also help to conceptualize the science behind sound and pitch for any big kids at home.)

For the strings, I just cut up old hair ties and tied three together to make them long enough to fit around the entire box. I started by cutting the cloth casing off of the elastic that would go across the pencils for a "twangier" sound, but if you want to save time and effort, you can skip this step. If you have rubber bands lying around at home, that would be even more time efficient.

Slide your strings over the box (3 on each side of the neck of the neck of your guitar). If you have knots, make sure they are on either side of the pencils.....

Annnnd you're ready to ROCK!

Bring your creations to jam with us in class or to our special Mother's Day Brunch this Sunday (May 10th) at 11am! Please email for more info.

We hope you enjoyed this craft and are staying safe and well!

With Love,

Miss Hannah


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