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Simple Stuff: 100% Mess Free Baking

Good Morning Families!

Hopefully things are staying peaceful for you guys this week at home (or wherever you may be right now!) We’ve decided to keep this morning simple for you with today’s screen-free activity suggestion: 100% mess free baking.

Thats right. Guaranteed no mess. However, there is a catch with this one. As no one is actually baking anything —that’s where the no mess comes from! No butter, no flour, no dough, and unfortunately no treats at the end.

Let your toddler play pretend baking with your mixing bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. Now, this might seem too simple to be true but I’ve seen kids become so invested in their baking they carrying it with them wherever they go…

If you’re feeling like getting your hards dirty and actually baking something with your kids, more power to you! But this little hack is sure to come in handy on days that need to be simple.

Don’t knock it till you try it! Games don’t have to be rocket science :)

Let us know how your tots like this activity today!

Stay well,

Miss Sophie of Babies @ Martial Arts Family Studio

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