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Sensory Ice Play

Hi families,

Today we are suggesting a super simple sensory activity.

What you'll need

1. Small Waterproof Toys*

2. "Freezable" container/Ice Tray

3. Water

(*this is an activity for close adult supervision if your items are small enough to be a choking hazard)

Fill up your container with water and just drop in a few toys, buttons, etc. This is great to do with your child to practice that not-so-fun skill: patience.

(Depending on how much freezer space you have to spare...) You can get creative by deciding whether you want to freeze small objects individually in an ice tray, all together in a larger container, or larger objects. (Or all 3!)

Once you've practiced patience and everything is frozen, either drop the ice into a bowl of warm water, or (for less mess) just pop them in a warm bath for bath time fun!

Now, it's time to PLAY! Enjoy exploring warm vs. cold, floating vs. sinking, and solid vs. liquid.

We hope you have a blast with this activity. We would love to hear about what you choose to freeze the next time we see you in class!

Email us at for more info on our live music classes.

See you soon,

Miss Hannah


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