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Pumpkin Time: How to Make the Most of Your Pumpkin!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hi fam!

One way we can make Halloween a little less spooky this year is by being mindful of ways we can celebrate more sustainably. One small way we can do this, is by finding fun (and delicious) ways to make the most of our whole pumpkin!

This is the perfect opportunity to teach your little one just how magical pumpkins can be! Not only do they make for a fun craft and festive decor, but also tasty treats.

My favorite memory of carving a pumpkin as a kid was getting to reach in and scoop out all of the goop! Let your little one in on the fun and even create a fun sensory task for them to separate the seeds from the stringy bits. Make sure to hold on to both!

From there, you can carve out some of the meat of the pumpkin! This will be great to set aside for some yummy pumpkin treats and to make carving a little bit easier. You can scrape your pumpkin down to about a half an inch thick. (Pro tip: Go for the sugar pumpkins/pie pumpkins for tastier treats.)

Now it's time for the magical creations!

The Seeds:

I've found the trick to the perfect roasted pumpkin seeds is to boil them in salt water for about 10 minutes before roasting. They are perfect for snacking, but if you're feeling fancy, you can even use them to make pumpkin seed pesto!

The Guts:

Take all of the gooey bits and throw them in the food processor (or keep them stringy!) to use in your favorite bread or loaf.

You can throw it in any recipe, but here is a yummy Pumpkin Gut Bread recipe to try out:

The Meat:

Roast the pumpkin meat in the oven until tender and the possibilities are endless! You can puree it for your family's favorite pumpkin pie recipe, pumpkin soup, or pumpkin spiced lattes for the grown ups.

The Outside:

Have fun creating a silly or spooky jack-o-lantern! Leave the carving to the grown ups, but you can have your little one help with the design.

Don't forget to compost it or drop it off at your local compost bin!

We can't wait to hear about your pumpkin creations!

With love,

Miss Hannah


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