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On-the-Go DIY Racetrack

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope these posts have been helping you guys get creative this week.

Here’s another activity to help you mix it up with your toddler today :)

Most kids are interested in trains or cars and building an at-home racetrack is always great trick! Especially if you’ve been relocated and don’t have all of your toys….

Here is what you’ll need for a DIY racetrack:

  1. A piece of cardboard (the top of a shoe box, the side of a long tissue box, or just a piece of a larger box that’s been cut into a rectangle)

  2. A marker or a crayon

  3. Subjects to race (cars, trains, handheld toys, finger puppets, crackers, etc.)

Once you find a pice of cardboard to use, the decorations are quite simple. You could most certainly build it alongside your child but if you need to use scissors to cut up the cardboard, maybe do so the ahead of decoration time.

I just used this cardboard chunk from an old amazon package and a few different colored markers to make my track.

I didn’t have any trains or cars so I went with some ducks!

I thought it would be more fun for my racing ducks to be heading down an incline, so I flipped over an empty basket to make a hill. Depending on how big of a piece of cardboard you use, you could prop up the cardboard piece against the seat of a couch, an extra Tupperware, or just about anything that’s safe and stable.

But of course you can choose to keep things simple with a flat track.

Remember, if you think its cool your child will too! Have fun racing and don't forget to let us know how this activity goes with you kiddo!

Thanks for tuning in and we'll be in touch throughout the day :)

Stay connected!

Miss Sophie

Babies @ Martial Arts Family Studio

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