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Science for Toddlers: Magnets

Hi families!

Continuing to find activities for toddlers in the cold weather can be a struggle, but we got you covered! Today we are suggesting a simple science experiment to entertain your toddler's curiosity.

Don't worry, this experiment is spill free and a great excuse to explore the fun of magnets!

For this super simple activity, here is what you will need:

-A magnet

-Various household items (some magnetic, some not)

- a bin

Simply fill the bin with the various objects and let your toddler begin their experiment. Let them explore how the magnet attracts some objects and not others and maybe even encourage sorting them: magnetic or non-magnetic. You can also encourage making a chain of magnetic objects to introduce the idea that magnetism can connect multiple objects, but when the magnet is removed, they all fall apart.

Once they get the hang of it, you can start introducing new objects and forming a hypothesis whether they will be magnetic or not.

We hope you and your child can find some joy in this simple experiment!

Happy Weekend!

Miss Hannah

Babies @ MAFS

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