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How To Make a Beach in Your Home

Hi Families!

We’re all in the same staycation situation but differently! Depending on if you’re staying in an NYC apartment or your mother-in-law’s house, some of us have more space than others.

Today’s activity is a perfect option if you’re stuck in your tiny apartment with your child:

Step by step we’re going to turn your cozy apartment into the beach!

Step 1: Look Good

The most important thing to do for your beach day, is wear a beach outfit. A bikini, a sundress, some shorts, whatever you’d like. Encourage your child to dress up in beach clothes too! That keeps it from being weird.

Step 2: Beach Snacks

After you’re all dresses up make sure you prepare some beach snacks! Any individually canned, boxed, or bagged beverage of your choice will suffice. Gold fish are great options to have alongside finger sandwiches or cucumber sticks.

Step 3: Extra fun:

Add a little umph to your beach with toys for your child. Make sure you have some books to read, and some furry friends to take with you on your trip! If you have any play dough or smart sand you could do castle making :)

Now is when the magic happens:

Step 4: Poof!

Spin around three times, say hipptie dipptie doo, and just cover the floor of whatever room you’re in with towels. A+ if you have tan towels to really look like the sand for your beach, but really anything will do. Its pretend after all. Set up a nice little station and tada! You’re at the beach and suddenly yet another boring inside afternoon snack went from an average day to a really special day really quite fast.

Depending on your situation, you could have your beach on a back porch or yard, in the living room, or in a bedroom. You could video chat with frineds and family members that have set up their own beaches as well! Remember to keep mixing things up! Staycation might be getting old but we don’t have to!

Keep up the awesome work,

Miss Sophie

Babies @ MAFS

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