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Handprint Animal Craft

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Good Morning Family!

As the quarantine/social distancing weeks are ticking away, I'm sure the creative craft ideas come and go. Today I'm here to help with a simple, cute craft that requires very little supplies and very little time!

What You Need:

  1. 2 Pieces of Colored Paper

  2. A Pencil

  3. Markers

  4. Scissors

  5. A Glue Stick

Today we're going to be making an elephant and a dinosaur, a brontosaurus to be specific...:). Begin by placing one of your colored pieces of paper on a completely flat surface. Then lay your hand flat on top of the paper with your fingers slightly spread apart. With your pencil, trace your hand. Repeat this on your other colored piece of paper. Draw out a long neck and head for your dinosaur and an ear for your elephant. Cut out all pieces.

Dinosaur: Flip one of your cut out hands upside down. The thumb will be the tail, so it should be facing the back. The fingers are now the legs. Glue your head/neck to the top of your now upside down cut out hand on the opposite end of your tail.

Elephant: Flip your other cut out hand upside down. The thumb will be the trunk on this one, so it should be facing forwards. The fingers are again the legs. Glue your ear in the center and close to the top of your upside down hand.

Once you have glued your pieces, now you're ready to decorate! Give your dinosaur some spots, and a smile, and an eye. You can color your elephant's ear and feet. Give the elephant an eye and a smile too. You can continue decorating however you want!

Bring your dinosaur to class to stomp around with you while we sing "We Are The Dinosaurs"!

Keep Creating! You Got This!

Miss Logan


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