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Hair Tie Butterfly :)

Today's screen free activity is a 100% GLUE FREE way to brighten up your house to celebrate May! We'll be making some super easy hair tie butterflies :)

Here's everything I used:

1. Any kind of colorful tissue paper cut into squares

2. One hair tie per butterfly

3. Two bobby pins per butterfly

Optional: scissors for decorating

I just used some tissue paper that I had readily available around my house so for these butterflies. I used some leftover tissue paper from the December Holidays and some purple tissue paper I received with a gift!

This craft is a great way to repurpose extra tissue paper from your mother's day gifts :)

The very first step is cutting the paper into squares. They don't have to be perfect squares, you'll be pinching the center for the body of your butterfly so you can totally eyeball it. Here is the option to fringe the ends of the butterfly wings with scissors for added decoration. I did, but I also didn't have a small child breathing down my neck as I made these so feel free to omit the extra step with scissors if thats the safest choice for your family.

After the tissue paper is the right shape, the assembly is quite simple. Just fold the square in half to find the center line and then pinch the hair tie around that line. Roll the tie a few times to pull the bodice in and shape the wings. Then just slide the two bobby pin antenna through the hair tie, fluff up the wings, and tada! You now have an easy (mostly disposable/recyclable) butterfly project. This butterfly is perfect for decorating homes, helping tell stories, or playing with in the yard!

I hope this craft is fun and useful for your family this Mother's Day week!

I hope everyone with the heart of a mother feels celebrated!

Please email for more information on our special mother's day musical brunch on May 10th at 11am featuring music, puppet shows, stories, special mother's day sign language, and MORE!

Be well and stay safe!

Miss Sophie

from Babies at Martial Arts Family Studio

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