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DIY Shakers

Hi Fam!

Sometimes our toddlers just want to make a little noise and when you have cranky neighbors (or just a headache), screeching, belting, and banging on pots aren't the best options...

Here are some ideas on how to recycle items in your home to make something fun (and tame) to shake around:

All you need is...

1. A container (an empty water bottle, spice bottle, toilet paper roll)

2. Loose bits to shake around (coffee beans, dried beans, dried rice/grains, dried macaroni noodles, or loose beads)

3. Some tape (preferably strong to make sure its secure!)

Does your container have remains from the label? No problem. Just remove the stickiness (with soap and water) and the residue makes for the perfect surface to decorate with crayons!

Here's what we came up with:

While we do recommend making these ahead of playtime, if you're feeling bold you can try to make them with your child over a tray to catch any dropped bits!

Bonus activity: count together as you drop the beans/pasta/etc. into the containers!

The most important step when making these shakers is to make sure to secure the top tightly with some strong tape or you will regret it later when you're picking rice out of the carpet...

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Can't wait to shake together in our virtual music class!

Thanks for being part of our family!

Miss Hannah Babies @ Martial Arts Family Studio

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