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Cute Fire Breathing Dragon Craft!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

I can't believe it is almost August! It seems like only yesterday, we were starting July. Summer is zipping by but it seems this heat is here to stay. So, I figured today we could put the theme of heat into our craft. I've got a simple "trash to toy" craft that is sure to make you smile. This little dragon is SO cute!

What You'll Need:

  1. 1 Toilet Paper Roll

  2. Colored Construction Paper

  3. Elmer's Glue

  4. Glue Stick

  5. Scissors

  6. Markers

  7. 3 Sheets of Toilet Paper

  8. 1 Cotton Ball

Step 1: Cut a piece of green construction paper to fit around your toilet paper roll. I found that it was easiest to glue the beginning of your paper to the toilet paper roll using Elmer's glue and then you can continue wrapping around glueing with a glue stick. The Elmer's glue helps with an initial super secure section.

Step 2: Take your cotton ball and unravel it cutting off two small pieces of the cotton. Roll them into tiny balls and glue them to the top of one end of the tp roll to serve as your dragon's eyes. Wait a moment or two to ensure that they are mostly dry. Then, color them green. Once you finish coloring, cut two teeny, tiny black circles from a piece of construction paper and glue them in the middle of each cotton ball. These will be the pupils of the eyes.

Step 3: With a darker green marker, draw two nostrils at the opposite end of the tp roll.

Step 4: Color one sheet of toilet paper yellow, one orange, and one red. (*Toilet paper is thin, so the marker bleeds threw as you are coloring. Use gentle strokes to avoid tearing the toilet paper and color on top of an extra piece of scrap paper to avoid messes on surfaces.)

Step 5: Cut each piece of colored toilet paper into wispy strips.

Step 6: At the end of the tp roll where the nostrils have been drawn, begin glueing your colored strips into the opening. I alternated between all three colors until I had covered the entirety of the cylindrical shape. This is the dragon's fire!!

Once complete, your little can blow into the other end of the toilet paper roll. The air passing through the toilet paper roll will make the colored toilet paper flutter. The dragon will look like it's breathing fire!

Have a safe and happy rest of the week everyone! I hope you enjoyed this!

Stay Fiery!

Miss Logan


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