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Simple Stuff: Cups. Just cups.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hi Everyone!

We hope you had a good weekend and were able to stay busy or take a break or whatever your family needed! This is a really tough time for everyone but we know it is an especially tolling time for families with babies, toddlers, and children being thrown off of their routine.

We’ve got a really simple activity for your tots today that will hopefully keep them entertained for hours.

This activity creates no mess, requires no assembly, and is very very cost effective:

Today we are stacking and sorting plastic cups.

Plastic cups make an incredible replacement for blocks in a pinch. Stack them up into a tower, sort them all into one cup, hide a ball under one and then try to guess which cups has the ball, the possibilities with this activity really are endless. Even take them into the bathtub, sandbox, or swimming pool.

Sometimes in a complicated world, simple is the best way to be!

Stay sane,

Miss Sophie of Babies at Martial Arts Family Studio

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