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At Home "Garden"

Hi all!

I hope you're staying safe and sane at home!

Whether we are bunkered down in a home with a yard or cooped up in a tiny apartment, we can always bring a little more Spring cheer to our day.

Of course nothing can compare to breathing in fresh air and seeing the blossoms bloom and grow, but here are some "allergy free" ideas to bring some Spring magic indoors!

Many of our toddlers (and maybe adults as well) probably love coloring. Of course, the simplest option to bring "allergy free" flowers into our home would be drawing and coloring them. I have been doing this myself and have been lining my window with them to "collect sunlight."

Another option is to create flowers out of craft materials or found items (even trash!) and using a bit our our imagination.

For the stem, you can use pipe cleaner, an old pencil, a straw that you don't want to toss out, or (like me) just some rolled up printer paper. I simply colored a bit of printer paper green, wrapped it around a pen to shape it, and then taped it together.

A super easy way to make a flower is by folding up some tissue paper, tracing a circle, cutting it out and stapling the circles together through the middle.

Then, just scrunch each layer one by one until it looks the way you want it.

Attach the flower to stem with tape, glue, or a stapler and voila!

Put your favorite 3D flower creations in a vase, or cup with your toddler and you have an instant centerpiece for your kitchen table!

If you'd like, add a sprits of your favorite perfume or a drop of your favorite essential oil to the paper/tissue paper, and enjoy pretending these flowers have their own beautiful scent!

We would love to see your creations- feel free to send them our way!

Sending your families love from our homes to yours!

Miss Hannah

Babies @ MAFS

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