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A to Z Indoor Activity List!

Happy first week of November Families!

I hope you all had a spooky, safe Halloween weekend! Clocks were set back, so days are getting shorter and darker faster and the cold is coming. Soon, we'll be limited to only indoor activities and since we've spent almost a whole year inside, the thought that parks, walks, and being outside is almost over may feel daunting. Maybe your creative brain is feeling tapped out. I'm here to help! I think with any activity you choose to do with your little, there is always opportunity for learning while also having fun! So, I created an indoor activity list that hits every letter of the alphabet. I've combined play, exercise, crafts, learning, and more into a simple list that is no cost and completely indoors!

A: Airplane: Stretch your arms out wide and fly around the house for 10 seconds pretending to be an airplane. Decide on a fun destination with your little. Once they've landed, use your imagination and pretend you've escaped to your desired location. Great quick activity if your little needs to get some energy out or feels confined from being inside.

B: Bumblebee: Buzz like a bee for 10 seconds. This is good for redirecting your breathing and adding much needed oxygen to your brain. Another quick activity if your little is feeling restless.

C: Cat/Cow: Get into table top (on all fours with hands flat on the ground and knees touching the floor), arch your back up into a c curve and dome your belly and allow your head to dangle for cow. Drop your belly and c curve your back downward, while looking forward or slightly up for cat. These are both great when you need a quick stretch.

D: Drum: Grab a few pots, pans, or bowls and some wooden spoons and create your own drum circle. Practice and play with all the different sounds.

E: Envelope: Write a friend or family member a letter or draw them a picture. Stick the letter or picture inside the envelope. Help your little address it and place a stamp on it and maybe take a little walk to the mailbox. There's nothing better than snail mail...;)

F: Fruits: Send your little into the kitchen and find different fruits. Make a fruit salad together with the found items.

G: Game: Play your little's favorite board game.

H: Hand: Have your little trace their hand on a piece of construction paper. Help them cut it out and then have them draw and decorate to make a handprint turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving.

I: Iguana: They are the masters of camouflage blending into their surroundings to protect themselves. Teachable moment to talk about what it means to camouflage. Many species in nature use this incredible technique to fake out predators. Talk about what colors are on your little's current outfit. Then challenge them to go find a spot in the house to hide where they can be camouflaged. Maybe they blend in with the couch or a wall. See if they can fake you out...:)

J: Jumping Jacks: Quick jumping break! Do 10 jumping jacks in place.

K: Kangaroo: Hop on your legs with your arms at your chest for 10 seconds like a kangaroo. Have your little put their backpack on in front and place one of their stuffed animals inside. This will serve as their kangaroo's pouch.

L: Lion: Open your mouth really wide and roar like a great big lion! Go back and forth from neutral face to lion face. This will be a good opportunity for your little to have a good face stretch.

M: Map: Have an indoor treasure hunt. Hide something like a toy or a treat in a predetermined location somewhere in the house. Draw a treasure map with your little with easy clues and then set out on the quest.

N: Necklace: Grab some uncooked pasta like elbow macaroni and some string or yarn and make your own necklaces.

O: Owl: Hoot like an owl for 10 seconds. This is another good release if your little is feeling antsy, not only does an owl make a cute sound but the "o" shape you create with your mouth is a great exercise in channeling breathing and sound in a specific way.

P: Paint: Get out some paints and make a masterpiece.

Q: Quiet: 10 minutes of complete quiet time. Try making it a game of who can stay the most quiet for those 10 minutes. This may be a great activity to do early morning or right before a nap!

R: Radio: Have a 10 minute dance party! Pick your favorite station and dance your troubles away!

S: Star: Another movement break! Do 5 star jumps. Burst your arms and legs big and wide like a shooting star. Can you get higher each time?

T: Tent: Build an indoor tent with blankets and chairs. Take some books, snacks, games, coloring books inside and have an indoor camping trip.

U: Upside Down: Have your little tilt their head upside down or help your little by holding them upside down for just a few seconds. This will increase blood flow to the head and the world may look funny and different from this perspective. Have a laugh and muse about their discoveries.

V: Vegetables: Have your little go into the kitchen and find 5 different vegetables. Cut one up and have a healthy snack.

W: Wag: Movement break! Wag your tail like a dog for 10 seconds. Can you wag it really slow and then really fast??

X: X-Ray: Talk with your little about the body and their bones. Then you can do an x-ray craft. Have your little trace their hand in white ink on a black piece of construction paper, make bones by glueing in q-tips up and down the fingers.

Y: Yoga: Take a yoga break...which is a great way to get grounded or get a quick burst of energy! Pick a few easy moves like downward dog, tree pose, or child's pose or do a quick flow with your little.

Z: Zig-Zag: Create an obstacle course with blocks in a zig zag shape. Have your little navigate through without knocking any of them down.

Whether you do all 26 in one day or do one each day, this activity list is sure to keep you and your little busy!

Continue Being Kind and Patient With Yourself!

With Love

Miss Logan


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