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A Simple Craft with a Philosophical Message

Good Morning everyone!

Today is a great day to do something different than you did yesterday. And for me, I’ll be making some new jewelry at home. I invite you and your littles to do the same!

Here is everything you’ll need for out homemade necklaces:

  1. Some sort of string: a rope tie, a shoelace, some yarn

  2. Some kind of decoration; pasta noodles, beads, markers, glitter, etc.

  3. Some imagination — the hardest part…

Now the assembly is pretty self explanatory. Put the noodles/beads on the string, give it a tie, and you and your kids wear them around the house like super stars for the rest of your lives.

While an activity like this might seem a little silly to us grown ups, who are we to deprive children of the satisfaction that comes with knowing that have created something that wasn’t there before. Something with purpose. Something that brings beauty into their little world. Something that is fully theirs.

Your little ones know that things are different and things are out of control, give them something to control. Give them a craft where they get to move mountains and create their own rivers and dip pasta into glitter.

Let them create today.

Thank you for being a part of our purposeful family,

Miss Sophie

Babies @ MAFS

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