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Simple Chores For Littles Who Are Craving Responsibilities!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Good Morning Family and Happy September!

I'm sure you are noticing as your littles grow and develop that they are grasping for their independence. I'm sure they are trying to find ways to either help you or do things on their own entirely. You know that "Clean Up" song that we play at the end of every class? The song that makes your little jolt to attention even if they are sleeping. The song that gets stuck in all of our heads. A true hit of a song. It's no wonder that your littles love that song because not only is it catchy, but they know that they have a task during that song. I'm sure many of your strong willed littles are ready for responsibilities. Today, I thought we could talk through some easy chores to get your littles started.

A mess can look overwhelming and boy do littles love to make messes, but there is also great satisfaction in seeing a mess and then making it clean. Giving your little chores and tasks will allow for them to feel a sense of accomplishment during this important time of early development. That being said, their attention span is short and they are still learning, so keeping things light and fun and practicing patience will only aid the process. Cleaning fun?! What's that Miss Logan? That's crazy talk! Here's a few ways to keep chores enjoyable.

  1. Crank Up The Music!: Whether it's the "Clean Up" song, your favorite oldies, or that new T Swift album, who doesn't love to dance and lip sync while you sweep or fold laundry? Music lightens the mood and makes the act of chores feel less laborious and more fun and zen.

  2. Make Chores A Game: Maybe it's a race to see who can pick up the fastest or time your little and have them work to beat their times each day. Maybe you integrate color, number, and letter learning into cleaning. Pick up all the red things first or count the dishes as you wash and put them away.

  3. Keep Things Simple: Be mindful of the fact that your little does have a short attention span, so minimal tasks are good to start.

  4. Stay Consistent: I think we all crave a routine but your toddler most definitely does. If there is a certain task you want your little to do, have them do it everyday. This way it becomes second nature to them. Also instead of asking your little if they want to clean up, try saying "now we're going to clean up" or "it's time to clean up" or even "let's clean up now". Taking away the option lets your little know that it's important and a task that must be completed before moving on.

Simple Chore List For Your Little:

  1. Feed The Family Dog/Cat: If you have a pet at home, allowing your little to scoop out the food and putting it in the pet's bowl is a great way to start. (*Pro Tip: Keep pet food somewhere not accessible to your little. Or else your dog or cat may be eating constantly once your little gets excited with their new found responsibility ;) )

  2. Putting Their Clothes Away: Your little can start by putting their dirty clothes into the hamper/basket once they take them off before bath time or bedtime. It may take some time to upgrade to putting clean clothes away but this a good way to get them started.

  3. Picking Out Their Outfit: This is a great way for your little to feel independent and to start to get a sense of their own style. It may be too overwhelming to pick from all their clothes at first. So, maybe picking a few options for them and then allowing them to pick from the options. Eventually they will grow into completely picking on their own.

  4. Get Ready For Bath Time: Have your little grab their washcloth and set their towel out. After their bath, they can put toothpaste on their toothbrush and do their bedtime routine. This will allow them to feel in charge of their nighttime routine. This is also helpful if babysitters or other family members are watching your little. If they feel in control of their routine, you being gone for the night may feel less overwhelming.

  5. Bring Dishes To Kitchen After Meals: Have your little help clear the table and throw things away. This will help get them in the routine of always cleaning up after themselves.

  6. Setting The Table: This will also help your little learn and practice counting. Have them count how many people will be eating dinner and then how many plates, forks, knives, and spoons you will need.

  7. Fold Laundry: Your little may have trouble actually folding shirts and pants at first but since laundry is a never ending task, their little bit of help can go a long way. Having them sort and match socks and other things will allow them to learn and practice colors and shapes.

  8. Picking Up Toys: Teach your toddler how to take ownership of their stuff and their spaces. Cleaning up their toys in their room after playing allows them to feel responsible for their space.

  9. Wiping Up Their Messes: Spills are inevitable but have papers towels or fiber towels that are easily accessible for your little, so that they can learn to take care of their own messes.

**These 9 are a great way to begin and should keep your little busy. Once they feel they have a handle on these, you could add sweeping, plant watering, and even window washing if your little is still feeling ambitious for more tasks.

Young eyes and minds learn so much from what they see, so you may find all of this to come even easier than you expected since they've been watching you...:)!

Happy Tasking!

Miss Logan


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