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How does an online baby program work anyways?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

This is new to us too but we've no doubt that together we'll figure it out!

We are so excited you're here to experience our online community.

Here is what we have in store for you:

Music Class Videos

We're currently offering 3 different music class videos every week. Music classes include things like puppetry, instruments, dancing, sign language, and other tools that help your child develop. We prerecord our music classes so they can always be played on demand, at your convenience through our Vimeo account.

Virtual Play Dates

We understand a family's need for other families and are providing 30 minutes everyday for our clients connect to other families through conversation and play. Make new friends, keep the old, and sing a jingle or two live with the MAFS family in a Zoom video-play session.

No-Screen Activities

It is really hard for kids to spend all day inside. We've done the researching, the brainstorming, the trial & error and are pleased to be offering a completely screen free activity for you and your child every day of the week. We're getting really creative so you can take a mental break.

Other Video Content

Our other video content will include special activities as well as mommy and me fitness suggestions. We'll be keeping you on your toes!

Thank you now more than ever for your presence in our community.

We look forward to what is yet to come,

Babies @ MAFS

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