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Mommy and Me Music Classes

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We have several music class options to keep things new for you and your child!

Here's the tea on all of them.

All of our music classes feature songs you know and love sung by our professionals.

A life filled with music is a happy one. Let us bring joy.

To accommodate varying ages and personalities, we offer numerous kinds of music class for our members:

Creative Music

BEST FOR TALKERS AND RUNNERS! Our creative music class is a highly structured music class designed for kids 2 and up! Incorporating puppetry, sign language, and instruments this class encourages your developing child to start singing and continue learning about the world around them.

Music Jam

BEST FOR FOR WALKERS AND SOON TO BE WALKERS! You’re never too little to rock! Come get your hands on some instruments and experience the joy of music this rockin’ mommy and me music class! This class encourages musical development and imaginative thinking, while jamming out to your favorite nursery rhymes and classic rock hits. Come move, groove, sing, dance, and rock with us!

Music Theatre

BEST FOR NON-WALKERS! Come experience joy in this interactive puppet show! Sing along with your favorite hit songs from stage and film, learn about the letter and number of the day, and have a dance party! Your little one is guaranteed to learn some new things and laugh it up in this performance based class.

We hope to see you in one of our music classes at the studio soon! Stay tuned for more information on how we'll be bringing Music Jam and Creative Music into your homes with our online program!

Stay safe, have fun!

Babies @ MAFS

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