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Mommy and Me Movement!

Welcome to our first class breakdown! Letting you know exactly what to expect from our in studio and online classes.

Welcome to our mommy and me movement class! You can expect to be surrounded by stimulating baby gym equipment in this free movement class. This class is a great way for kids under two years old to get into our main fitness studio. The padded floors and surrounding mirrors make for the perfect environment for them to grow physically!

"Giving your child the freedom they crave, this unstructured play time encourages both physical and social development."

Some of our family members might not be ready for structured exercise but need a place to explore movement and use up their energy! Join us in our obstacle course style mommy & me free movement class. Our team creates a tot-friendly wonderland in our extra large main fitness studio — full of tents, tunnels, puppet pals, a ball pit, and more!

All of our mommy and me classes are priced at a drop in rate of $35 and are included in both our new member 2-for-1 special as well as our unlimited babies membership.

Check back for more information on our other mommy and me style classes!

Stay well & smile,

Babies @ MAFS

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