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Introducing: Miss Hannah!

Introducing our online program co-founder, Hannah Taylor!

Hannah is a college educated musician, performer, and childcare enthusiast!

She currently has an active career in NYC theatre as well as being resident teacher with Martial Arts Family Studio located in downtown Manhattan.

"Music is the ultimate way to connect with one and other. It's amazing to watch caregivers relate to their children on a deeper level, through the music we create together in class!"

Hannah is a New York City based actor, singer, dancer, & musician that uses her passions for music, dance, and laughter to inspire social development and imaginative thinking in young children all around the country! Hannah has spent years caring for, inspiring, and entertaining children as a nanny, a dance teacher, and a theatre performer. She loves sharing her joy for life and her appreciation for music with babies, children, and even grown ups too! Come join Miss Hannah as we move, groove, sing, and rock at the Martial Arts Family Studio!

We're happy to have Miss Hannah as part of your family!

Stay tuned!

Babies @ MAFS

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