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Introducing: Mommy and Me Online!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Welcome friends!

As we all know, things have gotten pretty crazy pretty fast. But MAFS is here to help families as much as we can in this trying time. Our mission has always been to make your lives easier through music, fitness, and connection and we aim to continue that through this new online platform.

Everyday we will be providing brief video content/television alternatives for your growing child including: pre-recorded music classes, baby & me fitness exercises, and virtually guided imagination driven activities! Incorporating familiar faces into your days is sure to maintain some structure and normalcy for both you and your child.

Every afternoon at 3:30pm we’re offering a virtual playdate with our community via ZOOM video chatting to help you guys stay connected to our teachers and to each other from home.

We will also be sharing “no-screen” activities for you to try at home every single day.

We’ve never been happier to have your families be a part of our family! So excited to have you all on this new journey with us at such an odd time. We miss you all, but know we’re together in spirit.

Stay well and much love,

Miss Sophie and Miss Hannah of Babies at Martial Arts Family Studio

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