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Playdate Classes

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Learn about the method behind the madness of our Playdate class!

Offered both in studio and via Zoom sessions.

Welcome to your very own playdate! Nothing makes for a good time like good friends and amazing things to explore together.

The more the merrier!

This lightly structured playdate is sure to help your babe adjust to more structured activities while also allowing for them to have some freedom! But most of all this class will help your little one make some new friends. Join in on the fun with our puppet pals during some exploratory and educational afternoon playtime featuring books, instruments, costumes, and more! This class combines free play with organized activities and group songs to encourage emotional development and expanding social skills in your growing child.

Playdate is currently being offered 5 days a week M-F via Zoom!

Stay connected,

Babies @ MAFS

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