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Introducing: Babies at MAFS!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

While a baby program in a martial arts studio might sound odd at first, we promise it makes sense.

Our studio's owner, Sandra Herrera Sanchez, opened Martial Arts Family Studio with the hopes of it being a safe, convenient, one-stop location for a growing family's needs! Offering after school martial arts, daytime baby music & movement classes, adult fitness (with separation childcare!), as well as an open play space, MAFS really has it all.


Sandra Herrera Sanchez

Our founder, Sandra, is a mother, longed for a studio that could provide her with meaningful childcare during a fabulous workout. And when no other NYC program made the cut, she created her own.

After three years of trying to organize martial arts classes for her children, her husband, and herself across multiple studios and programs, Sandra decided that there needed to be a centralized solution to offer martial arts and fitness to busy NYC families. After speaking with her son’s favorite instructors and other martial arts mothers, Martial Arts Family Studio was born.

Our babies community quickly grew into a transitionary pre-pre-school style program, preparing our young clients for the inevitable separation that comes with daily schooling. We provide our families with beloved mommy and me style music and movement classes and an open play space, however the magic really happens when parents take advantage of our separation childcare experience. Toddlers growing independently alongside other toddlers is truly a special thing and it happens every single day of the week in our community.

We're so happy you've found our community and can't wait to welcome you into the family.

More info to come!

Babies @ MAFS

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