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Grown Up Activity: Whipped Coffee

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hi grown ups,

Today’s activity is just for you! No "and me" allowed. We’ll be making the currently trending whipped coffee drink: Does it even work? Is it worth trying? Let’s find out.

Spoiler alert: I’ve been making this nonstop for two weeks and am totally obsessed.

The recipe for this whipped coffee is as simple as it gets: just 3 parts instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Thats it! Yes, the coffee has to be instant or it won’t work (not regular coffee grounds) and no you don’t have to boil the water, hot water from the sink works just fine.

The recipe is quite simple and the more intense part of this drink is obvious: the whisking. Of course if you want to you can whisk it up in a hand mixer or a standing mixer but if those aren’t an option for you, hand whisking works perfectly fine. Trust me, it DOES work-- you’ll just have to be more patient.

Once fully whipped, this mixture is the perfect creamy topping for both hot and iced coffee drinks. It is an especially nice way to thicken up your coffee when you’re running low on creamer or milk. I like to top my morning coffee with it (and pretend I'm having a latte) or scoop it over some iced coffee for an afternoon treat. Of course you can add a splash of Bailey's to your drink, for a caffeinated happy hour ;)

While this drink is absolutely flawless, there is one catch:


They will think its ice cream and you will not be able to convince them otherwise. While the drink itself is more than worth the trouble of whisking, the argument you'll have with your toddler is not worth it. Keep this one just for you.

I hope you guys can find a moment this week to have a coffee date with another grown up. Remember, that you're a super hero. Keep safe. Keep caffeinated.

All the best,

Miss Sophie

Babies @ MAFS

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