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Girl Power: Raising Confident Littles Who Become Confident Women!

Good Morning Family!

I thought with Women's History month upon us, we could talk about ways to raise a confident little girl. I believe it is vitally important to begin building self-esteem from a young age. A strong, brave, and confident woman is a force to be reckoned with. We are lucky to have many examples paving the way for young ones. Little girls look up to the women around them. So, the work can begin at home. I will never take for granted the impact my mother, grandmothers, teachers, and caretakers had on me growing up. They planted the seeds for me to blossom into the confident woman I am today.

So, where to begin...

  1. Teach Her To Not Compare Herself To Others: She is unique and special in her very own way. She is her own person just like others are their own person, everyone is different. Comparing ourselves to others can result in negativity and low self-esteem. Instead, let's teach them to honor and embrace their own differences and the differences in others.

  2. Lead By Example: "What's wrong with being confident?" Everyone has low days, so this one can be easier some days and difficult on others. Your little watches everything you do and the more you build yourself up and act confident yourself, the more your little will latch onto this idea. Be aware of what you say about yourself. Are you speaking to yourself with kindness and confidence? Don't put yourself down. If you don't want your little girl to say these things about herself, practice not saying those kinds of things to yourself.

  3. Practice Gratitude: Being grateful for the things you have is a contributing factor to building self-worth. Being grateful for others and the things we have that others may not have is very important to understand. Spend each day discussing a new and different thing your little is grateful for.

  4. Compliment On Qualities Other Than Looks: Too many rely on looks for self-worth. True beauty comes from within. A confident soul and mind and security in self is the most gorgeous kind of woman. Our society places a lot of emphasis on physical looks. So, let's be part of the movement that compliments little girls on their kindness, bravery, strength, and ambition. Be sure to compliment your little tons when you see them excelling at these qualities.

  5. Teach Her Not To Apologize For Everything: This is a lesson I wish I would have learned from a young age because I have found myself saying, "I'm sorry", far too much. Your little should never apologize for the space they take up, the emotions they feel, and the opinions they possess. Teach your little when "I'm sorry" is necessary and when it's not.

  6. Point Out Other Strong Women: Take moments to recognize other strong women in your little's life. Have them point out qualities that make characters in their favorite books and tv shows special. Learning how to build up other women from a young age is very important.

  7. They Can Do Hard Things (Don't Be So Quick To Help): It's hard not to want to help your little when you can visibly see them struggling. That being said, there is no greater feeling than figuring something out on your own and the lesson you learn from doing it. Your little can do hard things, so let them fail and keep trying.

  8. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Treat your little with respect. Listen to her when she has something to say. Be mindful of how you speak to her. Ask her opinion and have her make her own decisions. Even though your little is young, they should feel included in making certain choices. They will begin to trust themselves from this early developmental age.

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

Femme Power!

With Love

Miss Logan

MAFS Playroom

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