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Educational Podcasts For Little Learners!

Happy Holiday Weekend Families!

I hope you all have a restful 4 day weekend ahead and some fun plans! As some of you may be traveling with your littles this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to give you a list of educational podcasts that I guarantee your littles will love listening to! Podcasts are a wonderful alternative if you're trying to cut down on screen time. Research has shown, in some cases, that the blu light from a screen can lead to stimulation in the brain. Many of us use tv time as a means to wind down, but it may actually be causing our brains to stay awake longer. Podcasts are an amazing alternative. Podcasts can also be a great car ride activity, early morning activity, quiet time activity, or dinner out activity for your little. It will heighten their listening skills and still make learning fun! I've got a list of some of the best educational podcasts for your little listeners!

  1. Ear Snacks: Hosted by a duo of musicians that write for Sesame Studios. Great for Preschoolers!

  2. KidNuz: News for kids! Hosted by two journalist moms. This podcast features friendly news for kids and even has a quiz at the end to test your listening and learning skills. Great for all ages!

  3. Highlights Hangout: This podcast covers science, skits, stories, and more and is put on by the creators of the Highlights magazines. Great for all ages!

  4. Wow in the World: A silly science podcast that is great for all ages!

  5. Brains On!: Explore science and history with a special new guest each week. Great for every age and for your curious learners!

  6. But Why?: This podcast will answer all your littles questions, starting with simple stuff like, "Why is the sky blue?" Good for all ages!

  7. The Past & The Curious: Full of silly songs and quizzes, this podcast covers all things history. Great for all ages!

  8. Molly of Denali: Join Molly and her best pal Tooey on their adventures. Created by the writers behind popular PBS television shows such as: Arthur, Curious George, and Pinkalicious. Good for preschool and younger!

  9. Story Time: Each of these are a 10-15 minute story. Great for littles with a short attention span. Also great for a quick quiet time activity.

  10. Peace Out: A podcast focused on mindfulness to help your little calm down and zen out. This is a selection of short stories that incorporate relaxation with visualization and breathing techniques. Great for all ages!

Happy Listening!

With Love

Miss Logan

MAFS Playroom

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