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Digging Deeper Into Story Time!

Happy October Families!

We've been focusing a lot on story time at Martial Arts Family studios. I hope your littles have enjoyed reading stories with myself, Miss Hannah, Miss Sophie, and even Mafs and Lola. Reading together is an incredible part of early childhood development. Books can develop your littles imagination, while also teaching them valuable lessons. I think books are one of the greatest educational tools. Story time should always be fun but there are also so many ways that you can challenge your little to learn even more while reading together. I have a list of thought provoking questions that can aid your little in digging deeper into stories.

  1. What new words did you learn in the story?

  2. What is the problem in the story and how do the characters solve it?

  3. How does the story begin and how does it end?

  4. Why was this story written? Is there a lesson or moral to be learned?

  5. What is the setting of the story?

  6. What is the story about?

  7. Who is telling the story?

  8. Did you have a connection to the story or characters? If so, how did it make you feel?

  9. Pick a picture in the story that stands out to you and then talk about what's happening in the picture?

  10. Describe all the characters and who is the most important one?

  11. What was your littles favorite part?

I think stories can also be a fantastic educational tool for continuing to talk about numbers, letters, and colors with your little. As your little begins to learn how to read on their own, identifying and sounding out letters is a great way to continue alphabet learning and the unique sounds letters make when placed in words. Well illustrated books are always super colorful. Have your little identify colors on each page. You can also work on numbers. Have your little identify how many of something is on a certain page whether that be people, animals, or food, etc.

There are lessons to be learned in everything we do and I'm sure your littles are constantly craving ways to work their developing brains more. That being said, all things should be fun and joyful. The more you question, the more your littles will question and want to learn.

I find story time to be an amazing morning activity or bedtime activity. In the morning, fresh brains soak up tons and there's nothing better than the early morning quiet to transport you into magical new lands. Right before bed is also valuable to soothe your little into imaginative sleep.

I can be anything!

Take a look, it's in a book!

With Love,

Miss Logan


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