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Chill Mode: Calm Down Strategies and Sensory Activities For The Overstimulated Toddler

Happy Friday Family!

I'm sure none of you are a stranger to an overactive and overstimulated toddler. As we get older, we learn coping techniques to calm down our nervous system and help us relax, but your little may need some help from you. Staying inside has become the new norm and with the colder temperatures, the outside playtime options are slim to none. So, it's no surprise that your little has a lot of pent up energy just waiting to be released and this bubbling feeling inside them can be really difficult to curb. Whether your little needs to be zen for an activity that may arouse them or it's time to wind down for bedtime, I've got a list of helpful calming strategies and sensory activities to help your little relax. As with most things, trial and error is key and if something doesn't work at first, give it another try. It may take your little some time to adjust to a new activity.

  1. Lotion Massage: Grab some lotion, lavender and calendula are soothing, and massage your little's arms, legs, hands, feet, back and even the face if they like that. Apply deep pressure. Who doesn't love a massage...:)

  2. Soft Music: Classical music can be wonderful to play while your little is working on a quiet activity like drawing. Lullabies, white noise, and nature sounds are great before and during nap time and bedtime.

  3. Create A Soft, Comfy, Cozy Space: Pick a corner nook of your home and create a cozy calm down space. You could maybe put up a small tent or build a blanket fort and fill it with fluffy pillows, cuddly blankets, and stuffed animals. The idea behind this space is this a place your little can go to independently to calm down when they need to. This space should feel safe and welcoming to them. So, any other things that help them to relax can also be placed inside.

  4. Warm Bubble Bath: Warm water is a great way to soothe the body and get your little relaxed and drowsy. Try avoiding putting too many toys in there that may get them overstimulated even further. Bubbles, bath colors, and lavender oil are all great additions.

  5. Wrap Your Little Tightly In A Blanket: When babies are first born, they are swaddled to feel safe and to calm them down. Even many adults say that sleeping with a weighted blanket brings them comfort. So tucking your little into a tight little blanket cocoon can be very soothing. A weighted blanket for your little is also a great option!

  6. Foam Roller: Have your little lay down on the floor on their stomach or their back. Gently roll the foam roller up and down their body. Ask where they like to feel the pressure best.

  7. Make Sensory Bottles: Take a plastic bottle and fill it with some water, glitter, and a little glue and any other little toys or knick knacks your little would like to see inside. Your little can shake it once it's complete and calm down while watching the objects do a swirly, soothing dance.

  8. Rock Slowly Over A Ball: Similar to the foam roller, rocking gently on a large rubber therapy ball can be very calming. Have your little lay on their stomach and gently rock them back and forth.

  9. Stress Balls Or Sensory Toys: These are great to calm down a little who is overly excited. These can be found in variety packs online.

  10. Dim Lighting: Bright lights can be extremely overstimulating for most anyone. String up some little twinkle lights or place a salt lamp or night light into their cozy quiet place nook. Or you can dim lights while they work on an activity or while you're reading a story with them.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and healthy weekend!

Keep Calm and Carry On

With Love

Miss Logan


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