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Bye Bye Diapers! Hello Potty!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Good Morning!

The theme of quarantine 2020 should be potty training! All of us at Martial Arts Family Studio can see that you all have been hard at work potty training your littles. We've been having a lot of pants-less morning classes...;)! I have no doubt all you Moms, Dads, and Caretakers are rocking out in your own way and figuring out potty training one step at a time. Today, I thought I'd provide a few tips and tricks just in case your little hasn't quite nailed the technique and you both could use a little extra help.

  1. Stay Home and Drink Lots of Fluids: You're definitely nailing the first part of this! As you all have discovered, this has been a great time to start potty training because we've been stuck at home. Whoever thought you'd be encouraging your toddler to chug?! Drinking lots of fluids will open up more opportunities for practice and hopefully, lots of success!

  2. Setting A Timer: It's helpful to get your little used to practicing using the potty in 30, 60, and 90 minute time increments. Setting an iPad, phone, or kitchen timer for the increment of time you choose can be helpful to alert your little when it's time to go try again. The noise is helpful if they get distracted during playtime and being able to watch the timer count down can also make your little feel independent. Nighttime can be tricky for this technique. To avoid nighttime accidents, picking your sleeping little up out of bed and carrying them to the potty is a helpful technique to avoid an accident. Even if they are half or mostly asleep, the act of sitting on the potty will most likely trigger them to go.

  3. Coffee Filter Inside The Training Potty: If your little is still feeling the most comfortable on the training potty and hasn't upgraded to the big potty, placing a coffee filter inside the potty is helpful with poopy messes. They are non-flushable but can be removed and easily tossed away.

  4. Potty Treat Jar/Prize Bag: Fill a jar with a favorite treat. One treat for just sitting on the potty, two for peeing, and 3 for pooping. Fill a bag with little toys and prizes. For a big potty success, your little can choose something special from the prize bag!

  5. Dry Erase Marker Toilet Lid Art: Did you know that dry erase markers will easily wipe off of a toilet lid? You can face your little backwards on the toilet and they can draw while they are trying to go potty.

  6. Scary Public Automatic Flushing Toilets: Some littles might be scarred or unsure of toilets in public that automatically flush. Carrying a pad of sticky notes with you when going out will be helpful in alleviating this fear. You can place a sticky note on the back of the toilet and your little can press it down so that they feel like they are physically flushing the toilet.

  7. Setting Up A Potty Station: Creating a safe, comfortable space for your little can make potty training seem more fun and relaxed. This is also helpful in creating ownership of a space, thus making them feel more grown up. You could have extra underwear hanging and ready for when they finish, books and coloring materials for a relaxing distraction, bubbles, maybe even a doll or stuffed animal friend that can sit on a miniature potty beside them.

  8. Color Changing Magic Potty Water: If you add blue food coloring to the water in the toilet bowl, you can tell your little that once they pee, the color of the water will magically turn green!

I thought I'd also share some of the top potty training books:

I Use The Potty: Big Kid Power By Maria van Lieshout

Potty By Leslie Patricelli

Where's The Poop? By Julie Markes and Susan Kathleen Hartung

Potty Train Your Child In Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro By Teri Crane

Did you know that Pull-ups has a really incredible resource where your little can receive a phone call from a Disney character to get them excited about using the potty?! Check it out on their website!

I hope you all found this informative and helpful to keep moving forward in your potty training adventures with your littles!

Sending Love and Good Vibes Always

Miss Logan


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