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Better Ways To Say, "You're So Smart" To Your Little!

Happy Hump Day Families!

Today we're going to talk about something that may come as a shock to you at first and that is that we need to stop saying, "You're so smart!" to our littles. You may think, "Why would we not give a compliment when one is deserved?" You would be right, you should never miss an opportunity to build your littles up, but there are more nurturing ways to say it. A great deal of research has been done around the idea that intelligence should be a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. The importance of intelligence being a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset is exponential in early childhood development. When something is fixed, it takes away one's control. It creates a mindset that intelligence is something someone is born with and that it cannot be achieved through hard work, practice, determination, and focus. While a growth mindset shows that intelligence and learning is a direct result of hard work. Some things may come easier to others but this mentality puts the control back in our own hands. I'm sure that all of you want your littles to grow up with a mind that says, "I can doing anything!" This mentality also puts way less pressure around "failure". So let's talk about some better and more positive ways to build up your littles brain!

  1. I felt proud when you did ______.

  2. I've noticed how hard you've been trying.

  3. What a creative way to solve that problem!

  4. You are not afraid of a challenge! I like that.

  5. I love how you took ownership of that!

  6. Your creativity is inspiring.

  7. I can tell you put a lot of thought into that. Great job!

  8. You tried really hard on that.

  9. Your hard work makes your teachers proud.

  10. You're a great role model.

  11. That problem was really tricky, but you persisted and you figured it out.

  12. That was a very responsible thing you did.

  13. I like the way you are doing ______.

  14. That was brave. You have a willingness to take risks and that paid off!/It was brave of you to ______.

  15. I appreciate how helpful you are when you _______.

  16. I am so proud of that choice you made.

  17. You did a great job participating in ______.

  18. What a creative solution to that problem!

  19. Thank you for teaching me something new.

  20. I'm lucky to have such a kind child.

  21. I admire your patience.

  22. I noticed how prepared you were for _______.

  23. It takes a real leader to do what you just did. I know others are inspired by your actions.

  24. I noticed how you helped with _______. Thank you.

  25. That situation must have frustrated you. I'm impressed by how well you managed your emotions.

  26. You're an active listener. I appreciate that.

  27. You are so tenacious. That perseverance is really paying off.

  28. How did you get so good at that?

  29. What inspired you to put all that work in?

  30. You thought of that all by yourself!

Some of your littles may still be a bit too young to really fully understand these phrases, but beginning this process early in their development will only create higher success in their future. They will grow to understand that hard work and determination build lasting skills. Let's cultivate positive minds and brains that say, "I can do anything!"

"The brain is wider than the sky."

- Emily Dickinson

With Love,

Miss Logan


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