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Grow A Rainbow

What better way to brighten up your day than by creating your very own rainbow?! Today, I'll show how to do this simple science experiment with just a few supplies and a few easy steps. Your littles will be amazed as they watch a rainbow "grow" before their eyes.

What You'll Need:

  1. 1 Paper Towel (Use an absorbent paper towel or napkin, any brand will do)

  2. Washable Markers (Must be washable markers or else they won't react the proper way to the water)

  3. Water

  4. 2 Small Cups

Step 1: Fold the paper towel in half length wise (hotdog style). Measure the paper towel and trim it to be 7.5 inches long. You don't want it any longer or else the rainbow will not fully connect.

Step 2: Draw and color rectangles of the colors of the rainbow on the left and right ends of the paper towel. Make sure to leave enough room for all 6 rainbow colors. You will want to really color in the rectangles, saturating the paper towel with lots of marker (the more dye, the easier it will be for it to travel up the paper towel).

Step 3: Fill your cups up 3/4 of the way with water and place them side by side.

Step 4: Gently place the left end of your paper towel into the cup on the left and the right end of your paper towel into the cup on the right. (TIP: You do not want to place the ends into the water too deep or else the dye may just dissolve instead of moving up the paper towel.) Last, watch your rainbow instantly GROW!

I hope you enjoyed this crafty science experiment!

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Remember after every storm comes a beautiful rainbow!

Stay Creative!

Miss Logan


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