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DIY:Custom Photo Blocks

Hi families!

The days are getting longer (literally, summer is coming folks) so today we’re bringing you a sentimental yet practical craft to fill some of your free time :)

Here is everything you need to know about making your own custom photo blocks.

There is a lot of flexibility in this activity so feel free to get creative and take things your own way.

What I used:

1. A semi-full tissue box

2. Photos of my loved ones

3. Tape

4. Patterned paper

I couldn't find a good box that was empty, so just evolved this craft into a decorative tissue box! Any kind of box should do though. If you have 3-4 of the same size boxes they would be great because after decorating, they'll be easy for your kids to build things with and stack up high.

I decided to cut up some decorative paper that I had laying around but if you have wrapping paper or colored construction paper, those would also make great options as a backgrounds to your photographs. I just used my standard printer to print off some of my favorite pictures of loved ones.

This simple craft is sure to bring a lot of joy into your home.

You can use magazine clippings, stickers, photos, and anything else you can think of on these blocks. Possibilities are endless!

We would love to see your creations! Feel free to send them our way.

Miss you all dearly,

Miss Sophie

Babies @ MAFS

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